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No B.S. Business consulting for bridal entrepreneurs. 

We have grown so much in the last year by being bolder and just trying new things. If you aren't following grace consulting company on Instagram you should!! She changed our lives!!! So much about our business has changed and our money is way up even through COVID. She has some awesome free podcasts I listen to before my major Saturday selling days." -  Midwest Store Owner, USA

Hey babe, can we be real?


We love a good challenge. We’re obsessed with learning. Oh, & being successful feels pretty damn amazing, but helping others be successful is a whole notha' feeling we constantly crave. 


​What we do for bridal entrepreneurs selfishly starts with all the things we love & leads to one very important mission … doing better business together. 


If you didn’t know, self-education is one of the fastest growing industries & thus everyone & their mother has something to teach. The bandwagon effect, have you heard of it? I mean, we get it. We are a consulting company after all. But we’re not here to just share information for shits & gigs, teach you things you can google, or drop truth bombs & walk away. We’re in it for the long game. 


We start with the foundation, the perspective. Simply, we teach you how to think. How to help you, help yourself so as your business shifts & evolves you can continue to build & grow on your own. We are here to set you up for success, not just get you through the next item on your checklist. 

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"I have been throwing myself in all sorts of learning for months and you ladies, are the first who are making complete sense to me and talking my language x much respect." - Brand Owner, Glasgow, UK

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